AN Update: Getting my head cracked open on May 20th..

(this is a followup to my previous post, Acoustic Neuroma Update) After looking over our finances, and insurance costs this year vs what they could be »

Insanity: Differing packaging/release dates

There's a trend lately, not only in the video game world, but in the movie world, to release entirely different "bundles" of a product at each »

Acoustic Neuroma Update

For those who haven't been in the loop, I was diagnosed with an acoustic neuroma in my right ear, a little more than a year ago. »

Fallout 3 (and New Vegas): Video/Display Freezes, sound keeps going

Please Note: Even though this was written with Fallout 3 in mind, it also works for Fallout New Vegas. Enjoy! Ever since Bethesda came out with »

My Wall-E Ringtones

My wife Heather was begging me to find some Wall-E ringtones; after a short while I couldn’t really find anything for free, so I »